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Clean Home Energy Systems.

It’s Time. Innovating with LAVO Energy-as-a-Service.

LAVO Life is a total package clean energy solar and battery system, designed for Australian homes and businesses.

There are no upfront costs to get your LAVO Life system.

LAVO Life makes clean energy more affordable and accessible through an Energy-as-a-Service solution paid through your Diamond Energy electricity bill.

Once you're set up with LAVO EAAS, you'll pay a service fee, just like a monthly subscription fee. You'll receive electricity from your LAVO Life solar and battery system at no cost up to a cap each day. Any additional electricity you use from the system is charged at a low, fixed rate.

Simple, affordable and hassle-free.

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Reimagining the delivery of affordable, green electrification at scale

LAVO Life provides you with a sleek All-in-One battery and inverter, solar panels and an electric vehicle charger. A personalised app incentivises you to use the clean energy from your LAVO Life system, rather than the grid.

In a world committed to decarbonisation and the growing adoption of renewable energy for homes, businesses, and vehicles, LAVO stands ready to support your transition.

LAVO is proud to be partnering with Diamond Energy, Australia’s greenest electricity retailer listed first by CHOICE in 2022 and 2023.

Diamond Energy Green Electricity rating

Designed for Australians

The LAVO Life All-in-One battery and inverter is designed with Australians in mind. Less cables, tangle-free, snake-proof and family friendly.

A slim profile for easy integration into various spaces. White, clean lines and modern contours, it will blend seamlessly into your home.

Safe and functional

The All-in-One provides superior safety with real-time monitoring of battery health. It comes with a 15-year warranty, ensuring it's longevity.

Our high-performance premium battery cells are manufactured by leading global OEMs. These are proudly cobalt-free to ensure we remain sustainable, safe and support human rights.

Meet the LAVO Life system
All-In-One Battery Storage & Smart InverterStorage S2
All-In-One Battery Storage & Smart InverterStorage S4
AC EV Home Charger Charger C7/11
Solar Panels Solar P415/ Solar P440
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